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The Electronic Cigarette Store

The electronic cigarette is the latest cutting edge technology to come out of China. This simple yet effective device comprises of three components, the lithium battery, the atomizer and the cartridge.

The device works much like a real cigarette, once you draw on the butt end of the cigarette, air is drawn into the atomizer via two inlet holes on its side. The air flow triggers a switch and the battery heats up the atomizer which then vaporizes the fluid in the cartridge which is a mixture of nicotine, water, propylene glycol and some tabacco flavouring.
The smoker then inhales a nicotine and propylene glycol vapour, and a smokey coloured vapour is exhaled, giving the smoker the visual, taste and nicotine satisfaction of a real cigarette without the harmful effects of a real cigarette.

The device does not have a flame, and does not burn any tabacco, so there is no second hand smoke or odours or pollutants, allowing you to smoke anywhere and everywhere.

One thing is for sure, by switching to e-cigarettes today you can drastical improve your chances of not been a victim to any smoking related disease such as lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease and the list goes on. This is truly a healthier alternative to the cigarette, with the same great satisfactions.

What this device truly offers is the freedom to smoke anywhere and any place, no longer are you restricted to disignated areas, you are now totally free to smoke when you like and how ever often you like with out shame, guilt or concern, and you are no longer doing any real physical harm to yourself or those around you, having a smoke at the mall, at the office, at your favorite coffee shop, or at the movies or even on an air craft should no longer be your concern.

Over all the electronic cigarette is a great product to have, whether you use it to supplement your current habit or just want to take advantage of the health benefits.
If e-cigs are not for you please feel free to stick around on South Africa's leading Electronic Cigarette Store for reviews, forums and good old e-cig stories.

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