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Desert Burn ZA 750
Curb Your Cravings Naturally with Desert Burn ZA 750 Hoodia Gordonii Desert Burn is Guaranteed to be Pure and Authentic South African Hoodia Gordonii. Don't Buy Cheap Imitations, they contain very little or NO HOODIA. There is not enough Hoodia in the world to stock all these chain stores!  It can't be real Hoodia, but Desert Burn is!? And here's why: Desert Burn is one of only a few Government authorized, licensed and certified?importers of South African Hoodia Gordonii. No middle men are involved. Desert Burn Hoodia comes straight from South African Hoodia farmers who are licensed to grow and sell authentic Hoodia Gordonii. Desert Burn has all certifications and lab analysis. Desert Burn regularly conducts lab tests on their product to insure quality and potency. The Hoodia you buy in local stores and chain stores has been found to contain little or no hoodia. Each bottle of Desert Burn contains 60 capsules, 750mg of 100% South African Hoodia Gordonii, a 10-20 day supply. Take 3-4 capsules a day. Take 2 capsules upon waking with a full glass of water. Take one capsule before lunch and dinner. Click Here for Label 85% Success Rate for Doctors using Desert Burn to treat their obese patients, report reduced cravings, a decrease in appetite and consistent weight loss. Topic: Weight Management Date: Oct. 2006 "We now have 1 1/2 years of clinical experience with the use of Desert Burn Hoodia in our weight management program. Our database now has over 400 men and women that we have carefully monitored over time. The age range is from 18 to 70. The response rate is definitely dose related. The purity of the Desert Burn product gives the best results (not cut with other ingredients). As with any other medication or supplements, there is a certain placebo effect, which in fact is a good thing." Clinical Impressions: Drop out rate 15% (monetary constraints or failure to Respond) Satisfaction rate 85%. Ave. wt. Loss 2 lbs. /wk. Wt. Loss is even and gradual. Keep your eye on the goal rather then wk. To wk. fluctuations. Max. Wt. Loss to date 50 lbs. Do not weigh yourself every day. The first thing noticed is a decrease in pants or dress size. Waist size: Men < 40 in. Women < 35 in. Any size above this and you become an increase risk for cardiovascular disease. Cut the calories and lose the weight. 20% decrease in LDL and total cholesterol without the use of statins.. Some increase in HDL. Fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids) - no trans fats in the diet -exercise and Desert Burn is our natural approach to hyperlipidemia. Adult onset diabetics on oral hypoglycemic agents have noticed an improvement in their blood glucose and less need for medication. Their weight loss response appears to be more dramatic. It appears to be a metformin and Desert Burn synergistic response. The other leg of the dreadful Metabolic Syndrome -Hypertension, has shown a gradual response to the weight loss program, as expected. 60% of patients demonstrate an increase in energy and feeling of well being. Studies at Brown University Medical School, demonstrated that the compound (P57), extracted from the pure hoodia gordonii, increase the content of ATP by 50-150% in the hypothalamic neurons of the mid brain. This may send a signal for energy sensing which in turn causes an anorexic response in individuals. 20% increase in libido -add natural progesterone creme and my female patients noticed a 30% improvement. All related to that neuro-modulator, the hypothalamus. Very interesting clinical findings that need further study. Improvement in menstrual irregularities, especially in PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome). Very useful in the "estrogen dominant" individual with excessive body fat.Genestein (soy isoflavone), natural progesterone creme, and Desert Burn appears to be a great combination. This weight loss theory has been substantiated in other clinical studies. Liquid hoodia (Desert Juice) has recently shown some promise. There is a high rate of absorption and rapid onset of action. It appears that the 500mg liquid is having the same effect as the 750mg ZA. The dosage is adjusted according to the response. Most people require 3-4 caps. /day one hour prior to meals. I have seen no adverse side effects to date. It can be taken with most medications. I would be very careful with insulin dependent diabetics. "All weight loss programs should be monitored by a healthcare professional. It's all about behavior modification and getting your body moving. Our greatest response has been with the "weight watchers" program and Desert Burn. Desert Burn Hoodia makes one pause before eating to ask the question, "Do I really need to eat that much?" Most patients tell me "I'm just not hungry." "These are exciting times in our fight against the Metabolic Syndrome and Desert Burn Hoodia is certainly going to help us wage this war." "Please understand that these are my opinions and clinical findings and not necessarily those of Desert Burn Industries." Joseph A Varallo, MD, FACOG  
Suggested Price: $59.95
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Kodak DryView DVB Laser Imaging Film
Kodak DryView film provides superb images with low noise, better density uniformity and great visibility of subtle details.
Suggested Price: $941.63
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